CaseMetro 10' Lightning to USB-C Fast Cable MFi

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The fastest way to charge your iPhone, iPad and AirPods! Casemetro 10′ length MFi certified braided Lightning to USB-C cables are made to exacting standards. Simply put these are the fastest charging, highest quality cables we offer.

  • 10′ Extra Long!
  • Fast Charge iPhone to 50% in 30 minutes
  • Apple MFi Certified for guaranteed compatibility
  • Engineered for long-lasting durability

Advantages of MFi Certified Cables:  When it comes to Apple accessories, quality and compatibility are key. Apple’s MFi Program guarantees the accessory has been tested and endorsed by Apple. When purchasing Casemetro MFi cables displaying Apple’s “Made for iPhone/iPad” logo, your customer has additional confidence in the compatibility, quality and safety of the product.

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