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There's no mistaking who's the chef when you wear the BBQ Apron Tote Pro, a bbq set and apron that conveniently folds into an easy-to-carry tote complete with an adjustable shoulder strap. Keep your shirt clean and your hair pristine with the polyester canvas full-size apron and the stylish, dark grey chef's hat. The apron has adjustable criss-cross back straps, easy-close buckles at the waist, and specific pockets for the included grilling accessories: one stainless steel bbq spatula with an integrated bottle opener, one stainless steel bbq fork, and one stainless steel set of tongs. You'll be the (wo)man at your next bbq!


Durable 600D polyester construction; Folds into an easy-to-carry tote complete with an adjustable shoulder strap; Converts to a full-sized apron with a deluxe barbecue set stored inside; Numerous pockets specifically designed to maximize storage of the items one typically uses when barbecuing; Adjustable crisscross back straps with easy-close buckles at the waist.


1 Barbecue Apron (29" L x 24" W); 1 Stainless Steel BBQ Spatula with Integrated Bottle Opener, (15.5"L); 1 Stainless Steel BBQ Fork, (16"L); 1 Stainless Steel BBQ Tongs, (15.5"L); 1 Chef's Hat (18" D at tightest fitting); 1 BBQ/Oven Mitt (7"W X 11"H X 10"D Opening)

90% Polyester; 10% Stainless Steel

Machine washable, delicate cycle. No bleach. Hang dry. Do not dry clean.

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